Stainless Steel Bending Machine S-120B

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Stainless Steel Bending Machine Wholesalers Suppliers in Dubai This is a machine that uses to bend the stainless steel letter making auto feed with aluminum flat stainless strip S-120B CHL DB0001 | Masonlite Dubai.

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Technical Parameters

Material feeding method Automatic
Feeding Type Alternate feeding
Applied Material Flat stainless steel strip, Aluminum flat strip, Iron & Galvanized flat strips
Material Height 20 - 120mm
Material Thickness 0.3 - 1.2 mm
Coving angle 0 Degree
Min bend radius R = 5 mm
Compressed air 0.4 – 0.8 Mpa
Servo Motor 3 pcs
Power 220 V 50/60Hz 2300 Watts
File Format DXF,PLT( Corel DRWA),Ai
Machine size 1180 X 603 X 1400 mm
Package size & Weight 1520 X 780 X 1660 mm / 421kg


Consumables Stainless Steel Bending Machines (S-120B)

S.No. Item Code Description
1 CHL DB003 Mirror Steel Roll 3 CM X 50 M
2 CHL DB004 Mirror Steel Roll 4 CM X 50 M
3 CHL DB005 Mirror Steel Roll 6 CM X 50 M
4 CHL DB006 Brushed Steel Roll 3 CM X 50 M
5 CHL DB007 Brushed Steel Roll 4 CM X 50 M
6 CHL DB008 Brushed Steel Roll 6 CM X 50 M
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