Neon Tubing Bombarding & Pumping Unit EPS-500

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Neon Tubing Bombarding & Pumping Unit

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Masonlite is pleased to introduce one of the finest pumping system on the market today. It is made from the finest European Components, and gives unmatched accuracy fro precise bombarding and filling pressure control.

It comes with an extra level safety in the bombarding phase with its two handed initial actuation with a keyed switch. We can lock the system when not in use.

Each EPS-500 system comes with 12ltrs. of each gas Argon & Neon and has a one year limited warranty on parts if there is any manufacturing defect.

EPS System 500 (22V) (Right Handed)

(mounted on grey laminate top)

Note : Please specify Left or Right Handed)


  • 1 - RZ 6 Rotary Vane Pump
  • 1 - Single Sided Manifold
  • 1 - DVR 5 Filling Gauge
  • 1 - VAP 5 Pirani Vacuum Gauge 220V
  • 1 - Double Gas Transfer
  • 1 - Safety Package EPS 500
  • 1 - Variac 10Amp Variable Transformer 220V
  • 1 - Y-Piece w/ 1 Spindle 9mm
  • 1 - Argon Gas (12L Bottle)
  • 1 - Neon Gas – (12L Bottle)

*** The above equipment is a neon binder dream to make neon tubing and cold cathode lamps.***

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