Nine Laser Welding Machine 200W

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Nine Laser Welding Machine Dealers & Suppliers in Dubai. We export Nine Laser Welding Machine 200W is Elegant & Robust yag welding Machine then easy to locate in welding point.

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Masonlite is pleased to introduce a very elegant & robust yag welding Machine. It is designed to weld stainless steel and Galvanized Iron sheets, which has the advantages as below:

  • Welding point sight locate function: camera, Multiple zoom with cross wire can make  operator work and position Quickly the two pieces to get perfect weld.
  • ·Easy control of Beam for different materials.
  • Optimum user friendly work table design.
  • Small size, compact structure, beautiful appearance, flexible to operate etc. 
Model NL-ADW 200S
Max Output Power 200W
Laser wave length 1064nm
Laser Type Nd:YAG
Single Pulse energy 90J
Laser spot size 0.2-2.0mm
Welding Depth 0.1-1.5mm
Pulse Frequency 1-40Hz
Checking System CCD
Z-itinerary 200mm
Holistic Power ≤5KW
Power 220V ± 50/60Hz 40A
Work Table 600 X1100 mm


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