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Heat assist Cold Laminator Suppliers, Dealers & Wholesalers in Dubai. We are supply Heat assist Cold Laminator MF1700, 1630mm/64” classic M1 & M1+ & has silicon roller.

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Masonlite introduce Heat-assist Cold Laminator MF1700, 1630mm/64” classic M1 & M1+. It has silicon roller, pneumatic lift. Equipped with more stronger frame ensures more stable and easy to operate, optional cutter not only save the cost and time but adjust all positions during lamination, will prevent any printings or laminating mistakes.

Feature :

Optimum performance

  •  Hybrid laminator for both laminating and cutting
  •  Premium up and down ensures even pressure during lamination
  •  Premium silicon roller ensures heavy-duty work and longer life
  •  Adjustable settings for increased capacity and versatility.

Ease of use 

  •  Simple film tension adjustment
  •  Lightweight drop-in supply shafts with auto-grip for easy loading
  •  Fully adjustable nip-nap and pressure for precise application
  •  Roll-to Roll and Piece-to-Piece operation capacity.


  •  Foot switch for hands free operation
  •  Laser safety eyes and 2 emergency stops
  •  CE, PSE

Technical Specification :

Attributes Value Attributes Value
Model MF1700 Roller Silicon
Max Laminating Width 1630 mm /64'' Roller Diameter 130mm
Max Laminating thickness 23mm /0.9'' Preheating time 5 – 10 min
Type Cold (Heat-assist) Power input 1600 W KW/H 0.5 – 0.8
Speed Up to 6m/min Voltage 220-240 50/60Hz
Max temperature 60 degree Celcius /140 degree Celcius Dimension 2200 X805 X720 mm
Pressure / Height adjust Air Pressure Emergency Button 2
Heated Method Infrared Laser EYE YES
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