Allwin - Flatbed UV Printer Series

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Intelligent positioning, Super high resolution printing, Print head anti-crash.

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  1. Konica 1024i printhead : Internal heating function, steel printhead with 6PL variable dot printing technology, perfect combination of speed and resolution;
  2. Famous Brand linear rail : Adopt high resolution & muted double linear rail to achieve higher resolution printing;
  3. High strength body frame : High consistency of physical resolution of platform to make sure every point with same printing quality;
  4. Sectional oxidized platform : Adjustable sucking power according to different media, anti-friction, brand new after long use;
  5. Anti-Static equipment : Anti-static function to avoid misting ink jet which can print more types of media;
  6. High power LED lamp and vacuum fan : Adopt 750W high power LED lamp to ensure the perfect curing for all media; Adopt 1500W high power vacuum fan to ensure the flatness during printing;
  7. Key spare parts is imported products : Imported soft tube and ink pump has longer lifespan. Made in Japan SMC pneumatic ink connector to ensure stable printing.


Mode DPI Speed
High Speed 4 Pass 30m²/h
Production 6 Pass 22m²/h
High Resolution 8 Pass 16m²/h


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